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November promotion

We are now offering a First time customer discount. If this is your first time EVER ordering from Delightful Scents please use code "firsttime" at checkout to save 18% off your first order. Please note this is a one time use code per New customer. If you experience any issues using the code please contact us,

If you are a past customer and caught using this code we will cancel your order.

While we do not send out free samples for you to try but we do offer other way to try our product at low cost. We sell aroma shots which are 0.8 ounces of wax for just $1 these are the perfect size for you to try as many or as little scents you like. This way if the scent wasn't what you expected your not stuck with more of it.

We also add a FREE aroma to each and every order. The sample changes quit often throughout the year. Samples will range from a free tart, tea lights to warming oil in random aromas.

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